This is your time to truly prepare yourself and be clear on what matters to you, and what you can't do without.  I've heard it said before, and it's so true that during your time of singleness, you have the opportunity to really decide who you will allow in your life.  We've been talking about keys in the blog to watch out for, and it's important, very important that you don't let your "desire" to get marry keep you from the truth about the person that you're dating.  During your time of singleness, it's sooo important that you practice abstinence and keep yourself on lock and chain.  Having premarital sex can complicate your life, and make you delusional.  You stop focusing on the spiritual aspect of your relationship, and it becomes fleshly.  And God clearly states, "there is no good thing that comes from the flesh."  So I encourage you my single sisters, you are in the best place to choose a mate that will enrich and enhance your life.  I pray for you right now wherever you may be in your walk with the Lord that you will draw closer to Christ and have the strength to end relationships that you know deep in your heart, it's just not right!

Get Ready for the upcoming 4 weeks Health challenge to prepare the Princesses in Waiting and to Renew the Kingdom Wives!

Love ya and remember,  "The Milk Ain't 4 Free Cause Christ Paid It All!"