Genesis 46:1-47:31, Matthew 15:1-28,
Psalm  19:1-14 and Proverbs 4:14-19

How bad do you want it?  The gentile woman had no legal right to ask Jesus Christ to heal her daughter.  At that time, He was only sent to the Jews and only His death would open the door for all mankind to have a personal relationship with God.  Glory Hallelujah because now we can openly go to our father God for whatever we have need of..... but have you given up on the promises of God because it seems like its just not happening. My sister, be ye not discouraged!  Get even the more closer to our Lord Jesus Christ and put that devil in his place (under your feet) through daily declaring God's word and promises as you live a life of faith and purity.  VICTORY is ours for the having in Christ Jesus!!!!!

Receive God's Best & Never Settle for Less!!!!


What I'm Learning as a Wife:
1) Focus on what's right about your relationship and trust God for the rest
(this can be hard at times because women struggle with the P word at times-patience)

2) Your husband wants to please you.  Think godly thoughts about him and learn to overlook his faults and see his needs.

3) Marriage is truly a ministry.  It's about more than candles and chocolates.  It's truly about learning to love someone unconditionally with their flaws and all!

Share what you have learned and or learning about agape love!!!
Wow, it's so awesome to be apart of a living legend!  You two represent the love of God in all facets! Your love has reached beyond just your homes, to my house, and the community at large!  Your sweatless giving to others by just the way you two care for one another will always be a legacy of true agape love!  May God bless you this day with a renewed love, passion, and life for many, many, more years to come!