So it's Valentine season!  I know for a single gal whose still struggling with waiting on the right one, this holiday may leave little for you to celebrate.  Today, I want to challenge you to view this in a whole different light.  Embrace this season of your life and do an inventory check on how well you are loving and taking care of yourself.  I didn't realize as a "single gal" that often times I did not do my very best in making sure I got the proper rest and exercise that I needed to be my best.  So I want to encourage all women (single and married) to take better care of yourself.  You have to treat yourself with the love and care that you need.  Each day take time out to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.  Here's a 30 day Beauty Makeover Challenge that will help you experience even the more, the joy of living your life to the fullest no matter your filing status:)  You can adjust the plan to fit your specific needs.  Also, share your beauty plan and challenges.  I would love to touch and agree with you on your journey to wholeness!

30 Day Beauty Makevover Challenge
Week 1 Spiritual Goal:  Read and Meditate on a Psalm per day
Health Goal:  Drink at least 8 cups of water per day

Week 2 Facial Care suggestion for normal/combination skin (adjust for your skin type)
Wash twice a day AM: Warm water & Cold Apple Cider Vinegar rinse 
PM: Baking Soda Wash and Apple Cider Vinegar toner
Thursday:  Facial mask:  Honey & oatmeal or baking soda 

Week 3:  Create Your Hair Regimen and stick with it.  Here's my hair routine:
Cowash weekly with Shea Moisture conditioner
Black Tea Hair Rinse (every other week)
Twist with Shea Moisture's 
Deep Treatment twice a month

Week 4:  Just Move something:)  Start Walking; preferably outside but indoors with the windows open will work too.  Have stairs, put them to use.  Like to dance? Turn on your gospel jams and get moving.

Special Tips:
Finish all meals before 7p.m.  (Only have fruit, raw vegetables, or water after that time)
Go to bed by 10p.m.  (According to studies, your body's healing process is from 10p.m.-2a.m.)
#2 Sign of A Godly Man!!!
He is Humble!
He is a humble man of God!  This is a rare characteristic that separates the men from the boys.  He’s confident, but not arrogant.  Now mind you, most men struggle with self-centeredness.  Why?  Society’s standards are embedded into young boys versus God standards. 

Young boys are told that being a man is being hardcore, insensitive, working hard, challenging others, and winning the game.  God standards say put others before you.  Do not think highly of one self.  God says treat others with love and respect.  In fact, be kind even to your enemy. 

When you find a man that has matured and now understands that God’s way is the only true way, you have met a gem.  A man that is humble will seek to please his wife first, and put his desires second.  He will be able to receive from his wife.  This is very, very important.  If a potential mate is unable to receive from you, this is a warning sign (beware). 

If a man is full of pride and don’t think a woman can tell him anything, your positive influence will be limited in his life.  The wife will experience severe frustration.  Husbands and wives in Christ are one.  They are a team.  Each person has strengths that enhance their lives and ministries.  A humble man of God will welcome his wife’s input and strengths with joy.

How important is having a husband that is humble?

WHAT ARE SOME OF THE CORNIEST LINES YOU'VE EVER HEARD?  Go ahead and post it!  We are bound to get some good laughs!!!
With all the peer pressure to "just do it," what influenced you the most to choose abstinence?  Was it the church, salvation, your parents, or friends that influence you to begin a life of celibacy?  In my life, the church and my mom were instrumental in my decision to practice abstinence.  I remember my mom telling me that she married her 1st husband as a virgin.  At the time, my mother wasn't a Christian, but she hada  personal moral conviction.  My mom's story stayed with me, and I purposed in my heart as a teenager that I too wanted to have the same story to share with my daughter.  So when I became saved at 13, and I began to hear in the word of God that fornication is a sin against God, I became more and more convinced to live a life of purity.  I made a personal vow to follow God's word to avoid premarital sex.  I even shared this message through songs and dances in middle school by singing songs like, "you don't have to take your clothes off to have a good time." I made this decision a long time before I said "I do".  I had no idea of the different temptations that would come my way, but God is faithful!  So do share what made you decide to practice abstinence.  And if you haven't decided, please share what is holding you back from making this commitment.  

Wait 4 God's Best!  

Welcometo the Wait4God's Best blog.  I'm writing this blog with the hopes of encouraging teens, singles, men, and women to live a life of purity.  I know that practicing abstinence is not easy.  For 34 years, I practiced abstinence, and had times in my life where I thought of just giving in out of frustration and impatience.  I give God all the glory for keeping me.  I am so happy to say that I've been married for over a year to a wonderful man of God.  In keeping with the theme of my book, My Husband bought the whole Cow!  Be encouraged and wait for God's Best!