Sisters In Christ, Are you READY for what God has in store for you?  This is a really loaded question.  Often time, we are so anxious to receive the gift, but we are not prepared.  It's like the child who wants the new piano, but never  practices a single note on the keyboard. 

Or how about when you receive your first dream home, but never learned how to budget your money.  Even yet, how about receiving that Kingdom husband, and not being prepared to give selflessly to another. 

Sisters, we know that it's going to take some work and preparation on our part, no matter what package God delivers to us.  But let's be determined this year in 2012 to do our part and prepare ourselves for the best by becoming our best!

Love you and Happy, Happy, Blessed, Fruitful, and Prosperous New Year!  Do your thing for Jesus!
Ah, this song blesses me to the depth of my soul.  The first time I heard this song sung by my Sister Cerrissa, I couldn't help but to weep and worship!  Take A Moment, soak in God's presence, and just receive His overwhelming love!

What I'm Learning as a Wife:
1) Focus on what's right about your relationship and trust God for the rest
(this can be hard at times because women struggle with the P word at times-patience)

2) Your husband wants to please you.  Think godly thoughts about him and learn to overlook his faults and see his needs.

3) Marriage is truly a ministry.  It's about more than candles and chocolates.  It's truly about learning to love someone unconditionally with their flaws and all!

Share what you have learned and or learning about agape love!!!
Wow, it's so awesome to be apart of a living legend!  You two represent the love of God in all facets! Your love has reached beyond just your homes, to my house, and the community at large!  Your sweatless giving to others by just the way you two care for one another will always be a legacy of true agape love!  May God bless you this day with a renewed love, passion, and life for many, many, more years to come!
Let's keep it real!  It gets hard sometimes!  
You've been waiting and waiting!  
You ask God, when is my day coming?  
Will it happen for me? 
Could Johnny so and so be my husband? How about him(oh, that's a trashcan)? 
Yep, you get delusional!  Lol! Be encouraged!

Here are a few words of wisdom and scripture that kept me encouraged when I was single and waiting.  Waiting for God's best for me.......
  • 1) You can't beat God's timing and You can't beat His blessings! In other words, don't settle for a "frozen patty" when God has a 100% Beef filet steak for you!
  • 2) I love the scripture paraphased here:  I present my body a living sacrifice holy and acceptable unto God because this is my reasonable service.  This is our reasonable service.  Romans 12:1 
Our bodies belong to our divine creator.  Keeping the commitment to wait is blessing your heavenly father, future husband,  future children, and entire bloodline.  Practicing Abstinence God's way is no small matter.  Kingdom destiny is all wrap up in the decision that you are making to hold on and hold out until you and your Prince say "I do."  
Share your struggles and what you do (or did) to stay motivated in Christ to wait for your mate.