Wow, it's so awesome to be apart of a living legend!  You two represent the love of God in all facets! Your love has reached beyond just your homes, to my house, and the community at large!  Your sweatless giving to others by just the way you two care for one another will always be a legacy of true agape love!  May God bless you this day with a renewed love, passion, and life for many, many, more years to come!
Welcometo the Wait4God's Best blog.  I'm writing this blog with the hopes of encouraging teens, singles, men, and women to live a life of purity.  I know that practicing abstinence is not easy.  For 34 years, I practiced abstinence, and had times in my life where I thought of just giving in out of frustration and impatience.  I give God all the glory for keeping me.  I am so happy to say that I've been married for over a year to a wonderful man of God.  In keeping with the theme of my book, My Husband bought the whole Cow!  Be encouraged and wait for God's Best!